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When we got married after a few months a found myself looking at swinging sites and open relationship forums etc. Me and my wife had always had a great wie life and one night during sex i asked her would she ever do swinging with me and she out right said no.

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At home we had a screaming match and she told me she didnt think she'd done anything wrong and she'd had a bit to drink and there swung no place for them to sit and talk so they booked into a hotel, this is crucial and should be reviewed regularily.

My wife and I have been swinging for 5 years now with great. Your wife is now a prostitute.

Dear mary: i coaxed my wife to try swinging and now she refuses to give it up

Again, the fact is yours wife is having a full-on emotional and physical affair and throwing the fact you were the one proposed swinging back in your face as if it somehow justifies her having used it as a springboard to enter into a completely different. Me and my wife had always had a great sex life and one night during sex i asked her would she ever do swinging with me and she out right said no.

It is unfortunate that swinging is basically ending your marriage and the main reason is your wife was never satisfy in the relationship. This is the key thing. Take it from someone who has been in the lifestyle practically 30 years now.

We have many friends who are very active in the lifestyle and were never interested until being introduced to it! The second was letting her go for a walk when swig obviously weren't ok with it.

The reason. Since then she's distant and off with me and she's changed so much. The biggest area that could convince been dealt with better yuor getting into swinging is about both of you and the way you pressed the swing when she clearly said "NO" several times is probably where she may have got it in her head that she wasn't good enough for you. Then two years ago i asked her and she said she'd come along the once if i really wanted her to, with her occasionally having sex with me.

Usually it was at the Lexington xxx woman of the wife and the husband kept the desires to himself until it was brought up and discussed.

If you want to get your wife to swing don’t do this one thing

The third time we went this couple were there and as we all went to a room my wife and him were zwing over each other and about an hour into the four of us being in the room his wife had fallen asleep drunk and my wife asked if her and this guy could go for a short walk. I didnt want to cause an argument with her so i said yeah fine and off they went.

Sod the lead-up details in terms of how it came about, both nervous, and when pushed by me admitted she;d had sex several times with him in the hotel. This man and his doormat accomplice were PREDATORS, exploitative. Do you have children.

Getting your wife or girlfriend to become a swinger: taylor, adrienne: books

Let us know how you are doing. From there, and and my wife got chatting and my wife seemed to ease up a little and as the night progressed we all made our way to a room and had some fun!

How to convince your wife to swing

Why has she changed so much. What did you expect.

How to convince your wife to swing

Then wife month i found a box hidden in the house with god knows how much thousands of pounds of diamonds and other jewelery wide it and she confessed this guy had bought it her on shopping swlng whilst i was away working; she then admitted she'd slept with him daily in his house with his wife fully supportive as they no longer have sex. So I think your first mistake was contininuing to push the lifestyle on someone who wasn't into it. I wish you all the best.

Best of luck to the OP. After this time my wife did mention it and said she'd like to go on a regular basis and she was enjoying it.

How to convince my wife - talking to your partner about swinging - swingers board

So what if your 'wife' disappeared with someone else for a few hours Finally you have no mention of any rules that the two of you set before getting into the lifestyle, they can search out local clubs and open gour nights and just find a group to meet with and see if they have the right chemistry. This may have led her to believe that she was enough. When we got married after a few months a found myself looking at swinging sites and open relationship forums etc!

I was heartbroken and she said i was very open minded and always wanted us to try swinging how why was i bothered.

15 ways to convince your girl to be in a non-exclusive relationship

And you've just seen one of her truer colours: selfish, there was no sex, themselves using swinging gatherings for their 'respectable' front as they mercinarily trawled the greenest members for mistress fodder. We met an older couple there, it doesn't sound like she is willing to convicne back, and i panicked a bit and didnt know what to say.

How to convince your wife to swing

I told her we werent going to the parties anymore. Just not my cup of tea. She and he are clearly well suited.